Gift Certificates

Downtown Downers Grove Management Corporation offers downtown Gift Certificates that are redeemable at the majority of our downtown businesses. These gift certificates make the perfect gift for everyone, young and old!

Businesses that DO NOT accept the Downtown Downers Grove Gift Certificates

Downtown Downers Grove Dollars are a fundraising program for schools, churches and other non-profits. We sell them to the organizations for $9 (for a $10 Downtown Dollar) and they turn around and sell them for $10 a piece to their members. This is one of many ways our businesses give back to the community.

Click here for a list of participating businesses in Downtown Dollars.

How to Purchase Downtown Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates may be purchased at:

  • DG Downtown Management – 933A Curtiss Street (cash, check, credit card**)
  • Style Studio: 5131 Main Street (cash or check)
  • Via Paypal on our website. Once payment is received we will send them out the next business day. They will be mailed via snail mail to the address provided.

Please make checks out to Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation.

Can’t make it in to one of these locations. Email with your order and contact information. We will be in contact within the next business day. Once the order is complete the gift certificates will be mailed out on the next business day, by US Mail.

**There is a minor service charge for Credit Card processing as we process through Paypal. We do not accept American Express Charge.