Board of Directors & Staff

The Board of Directors is composed of three elected downtown commercial property owners, three elected residential property owners and three elected downtown business owners, the Village Manager/Deputy Village Manager, President & CEO of the Economic Development Corporation, President & CEO of Chamber630, Public Works Director, Legal Counsel, and the Executive Director.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Phil Stromberg, Commercial Property Owner at 1011 Curtiss, Chairman
Paul Glover, Residential Property Owner at 4929 Forest, Vice Chairman
Kathy Burns, Business Owner, My Special Toy Store, Treasurer
Geoff Anderman, Commercial Property Owner, 5117 Main Street
Larry Boik, Business Owner, Great Harvest Bread Company
Mike Carew, Residential Property Owner at 965 Rogers
Bill Marshall, Residential Property Owner at 930 Curtiss Street
Theresa Schulz, Commercial Property Owner, 947 Maple Avenue
Sam Vlahos, Business Owner, Pierce Tavern


Michael J. Philipp, Philipp Law Office, Legal Counsel
David Fieldman, Village Manager, Village of Downers Grove
Mike Baker, Deputy Village Manager, Village of Downers Grove
Andy Sikich, Director of Public Works, Village of Downers Grove
Michael Cassa, President & CEO, Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation
Laura Crawford, President & CEO, Chamber630


Erin Venezia, Executive Director
Ann Hattan, Office Manager