Who We Are

The Downtown Management Corporation works on creating a diverse retail, service and residential environment. Our focuses include tenant recruitment and the production and marketing of events. We promote living, shopping, working and relaxing with our restaurants, theater and boutiques.

Mission Statement

The Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation is a non-profit organization established to enhance and support business in an authentic and vibrant Downtown Downers Grove.

Vision Statement

The Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation will build and sustain a vibrant downtown Downers Grove.

Our History

Downers Grove Downtown Management Corporation is an independent not-for-profit organization formed in 1997 for the purpose of promoting the development and expansion of business and to increase valuation of property within this Special Service Area (SSA). The organization is financially supported by the SSA property owners who voted to approve a 1.5% tax on the assessed value of their property at that time. The Downtown Downers Grove TIF (Tax Increment Financing) District and SSA area are currently authorized through 2020.

The redevelopment and infrastructure improvements in Downtown Downers Grove, began in 1998 and were strategically thought-out projects to support a strong future for our central business district. Infrastructure redevelopment included the addition of new streetscaping, landscaping and a 791-space parking deck and mixed-use development.